100% Builder Programme Part 2

You can motivate anyone when you learn how to coach someone using our Step-by-step formula! Use this skill and the unique knowledge provided to build UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM

'How do I motivate my people?'

'How to I stop my people quitting?'

'How do I reactivate people who have stopped working?'

The motivation of people is a No1 Nightmare for many Networkers. After the huge effort of sponsoring people, it is such a pity to then see people last such a short time. Especially when they seemed so excited!

The solution to this 'motivation' nightmare is simply 'effective coaching'. You need to help people build competence in the core skills and therefore their confidence and motivation will increase. Higher motivation means more activity and results! And it all starts with YOU knowing how to coach.

The 100% Coaching Formula is a simple Coaching System that you can quickly learn and immediately put into action into your business. It is specially designed for the unique Network Marketing environment so you know it will work every time.

Builder Programme Part Two

Part One of the Builder Programme focused on Business Development - Building a Customer Base & Sponsoring to build a Network Base. Part Two is focused on Coaching people and building Momentum. The core skill is Coaching and simply learning how to do this properly should be reason enough to purchase this programme immediately. 

 When you learn how to coach properly you will:

  • Know how to motivate anyone.
  • Have the confidence to sponsor anyone because you know they can succeed. 
  • Know how to eliminate time-wasters professionally anyone who does not want to do the business saving time and energy

Ed Ludbrook, the Network Coach, is the world authority and international best-selling author on Coaching in Network Marketing. For 20 years he has been teaching his unique Coaching Formula in Network Marketing teams around the world so you can be assured they this Coaching approach is the best one to learn. 

This training program is delivered in a step-by-step formula, with many short easy-to-view videos, coaching sheets, mindmaps and notes. Being online you can access the program 24/7.

The skills you will learn are:

  1. How to run a coaching session
  2. How to run a long distance coaching session
  3. How to run a home practice workshop
  4. How to coach for Motivation
  5. How to coach Retailers
  6. How to coach for Discovery
  7. How to coach for Foundation Confidence
  8. How to coach for Momentum TakeOff

What is Success Worth To You? 

Success in your business is worth $100,000s to you and coaching and building momentum is the key. The value to you is enormous yet you can learn how with one simple investment of only US$97 [£61/€75]

There is no program like this in the world and it is the key to motivated excited highly active people!

There is no time to waste.... Join Now. 


If you are at all unhappy that this program will not deliver for you then you can claim an INSTANT money back in first 30 days. 


Coaching For Unstoppable Momentum Training Program

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